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Extra Curricular Activities

In addition to the school curriculum, we aim to provide a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities. At present, these include PACE Ball club, games club (chess and a variety of board games) and a football club. During the year we aim to offer a variety of free after school clubs that are run by the local School Sports Partnership and these are funded by the School Sports funding. We also aim to participate in local activities and tournaments whenever the opportunity arises. Our music curriculum is enhanced by offering individual or group guitar/woodwind lessons which can be arranged for a charge. Our road safety and travel plan work is also an important part of our school, and we offer pedestrian skills training, scooter training as well as cycling proficiency courses, which are taken in Year 5. A residential visit is undertaken by Y6 pupils. This visit includes a variety of educational experiences including outdoor/adventurous activities which cannot be provided on-site.