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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Miss M Julian

Miss Julian has the responsibility for the school.  She is Designated Safeguarding Lead.


Mrs B Johnstone

Deputy Head, SENCO & Class Teacher
Mrs Johnstone is the Deputy Head, Special Needs co-ordinator and Deputy Safeguarding Lead. She works 4 days a week.


Mrs F Scott

Class Teacher

Mrs Scott teaches in Edison class. She is responsible for Pupil Premium and Science.


Mr C Bakewell

Class Teacher

Mr Bakewell teaches in Faraday class.


Miss M McGurk

Class Teacher

Miss McGurk teaches in Ford class.  She is responsible for Art and Music


Mr S Huntingdon

Class Teacher

Mr Huntingdon teaches in Darwin class.  He is responsible for Sports, PE and Computing.


Mr K Gregory

Class Teacher

Mr Gregory teaches in Einstein class. He is responsible for Maths and Humanities.


Mr O Thompson

Class Teacher

Mr Thompson teaches in Newton class.


Mrs C Trueman

PPA Teacher

Mrs Trueman works across the school covering PPA. She has responsibility for PSHE, RE and Forest Schools. She is currently working all across the school.


Miss L Jenkins

Pastoral Lead

Miss Jenkins works 2½ days at Ashbrook Junior School.  She has responsibility for the pastoral care of children and their families, monitors attendance and is our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs D Dakin
Teaching Assistant

Supports children learning.


Mrs G Rooth
Teaching Assistant

Supports children learning.


Mrs B Delay
Teaching Assistant

Supports children learning and helps to run our nurture 'Sunshine' group with Miss Parr.


Mrs M Morecroft
Teaching Assistant

Supports children with additional learning.


Mrs J Anderton

Teaching Assistant
Supports children learning.

Mrs K Ward

Teaching Assistant
Supports children with additional learning.

Miss Sara Parr
Teaching Assistant

Runs our nurture 'Sunshine' group with Mrs Delay.


Mrs S Smith

School Business Manager


Mrs S McKie

School Office Admin


Our attendance bear - the children get to look after him when their class wins highest attendance.

Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs K Holbrook-Rodgers (Senior)

Mrs L Dodsley


Miss N Wheldon


Mrs C Pavier


Miss S Eyre


Miss M-A Lowth (relief)


Mrs S Cape (relief)

All the mid-day supervisors work hard to help us have happy lunchtimes.



Miss S Parr

Mr G Kimber

All our cleaners work hard to keep the school clean and tidy.

Mrs Y Kimber

Mrs Kimber makes sure the school is a safe place, cleans our classrooms and keeps everywhere looking smart.