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A thematic approach


At Ashbrook Junior School, we have decided to move away from our previous topic approach, with subjects returning to being known by their specific names. This is to support children in understanding the specific skills for each discipline and how these can be used across subjects. Whilst we no longer use the topic approach, this does not mean we have abandoned a cross-curricular approach. Wherever possible, English activities link to what we are teaching in other subjects. Our subject units are planned on a 2-year cycle due to the ‘mixed year-groups’ nature of our class structure.


It is important to teach using these cross-curricular links to support retention of knowledge and so that children understand that there are many links between subjects. At Ashbrook Juniors we place particular importance on vocabulary and using a cross-curricular approach supports understanding how the same word can be seen in different subjects and different contexts. We see English and Maths as the cornerstones of our curriculum and we seek opportunities to use the skills learnt in these lessons in other subjects. Examples of these cross-curricular links include, but aren’t limited to, graphs and charts used in Geography and Science or through written responses or timelines in History.