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A topic approach

A ‘Topic’ Approach – Science, Geography, History, Art, Design/Technology, Music 


At Ashbrook Junior School, we have decided to interpret the new National Curriculum in such a way as to maintain a ‘topic’ approach throughout school. We believe that linking subjects together under a common theme gives learning in the classroom a context and motivates children. Therefore, Science, Geography and History content is divided into a cycle of ‘topics’. Wherever possible, English activities link to the topic. Our topics are planned on a 2-year cycle due to the ‘mixed year-groups’ nature of our class structure, with the exception of Science in Years 3 and 4. This ‘Long Term Plan’ for Key Stage 2 is available here. 


Each term, each class teacher will provide an overview of coverage in each subject and will also complete a termly ‘medium term topic plan’ which outlines which programmes of study have been covered, especially in ‘linked’ subjects such as art, DT, etc.  We see Literacy and Numeracy as the cornerstones of our curriculum and we seek opportunities to use the skills learnt in these lessons in other subjects.   For example, graphs and charts in Geography and Science or writing reports in History.