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Curriculum Impact

We develop 'Team work' by teaching children in an environment that is built around our school values of 'Together Everyone Achieve More'.  All members of our school and wider community are important and cared for.  We value everyone and their differences whilst celebrating everyone's uniqueness.  We want our children to use these skills to develop their global citizenship and apply learning in a wide variety of contexts.


Our children work on developing their 'independence' and 'creativity' to show curiosity, questioning the world around them whilst problem solving.  This helps them become flexible, work collaboratively and creatively.  We know that all our children are unique and so our curriculum is delivered by staff  in a way that inspire everyone and leaves no one behind.


Working on our 'can do' attitude enables our students to have confidence in their futures.  The skills, knowledge, relationships and experience they gain supports them in becoming 21st Century citizens aspiring to jobs of the future.


Through 'aiming high', our children understand that learning is a process that requires determination, a need to succeed, positivity and skills.  We want every child to develop their potential and staff support all children using assessment, challenge, support and interventions.


Our curriculum structure supports children through revisiting prior learning, building links to new understanding and applying the knowledge.  We want the children to practice and apply their skills whilst becoming profound learners by connecting their understanding both within the curriculum and in a wider context.  This way they can develop their evaluative skills.