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Curriculum intent and implementation at Ashbrook Junior School


The curriculum is all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning and personal growth and development in preparation for life in modern Britain.  At our school we provide pupils with a curriculum that is relevant for them, as children growing up in the local community. We are preparing our pupils to be 21st Century citizens who contribute positively to local, national and global communities - this is our intent.   It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also any other activity organised by school, for example, extra-curricular activities and any other activities designed to enrich the experience of the children. There is also a ‘hidden’ element to the curriculum which includes what the children learn from their school environment, the way they are treated and how they are expected to behave. 


Our overriding aim of the curriculum is to educate children in a calm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere that encourages participation, creativity and hard work in learning.   We will strive to support children in all aspects of their development, offering exciting opportunities and experiences that will enable them to flourish as successful, sensitive people.   We will celebrate their successes and help them to play a part in making Ashbrook Junior School a place that is both supportive and caring, yet strives for excellence and high standards.  We believe that the successful education of the children depends upon an effective partnership between home and school.


When the time comes for the children to leave, our aim is that parents/carers will be surprised by what their children have achieved and take with them the memory of a remarkable journey. We strive to ensure the child leaves with the confidence to be positive, to think creatively and to go on to be the best that they can be.  The key learning attitudes we teach all our pupils and are the foundations of all we do in school. By developing these attitudes and dispositions in school, together we will build your child’s ‘learning powers’: Aim high – develop creativity, develop independence, having a can-do attitude, be a TEAM player, develop evaluative skills.




The curriculum does not dictate ‘how’ things are taught. That is down to us. We will mix a rich cross curricular approach to make learning fun, with discrete teaching of specialist subjects such as computing, foreign languages and physical education. 


Parent's guides to the curriculum can be found below, and if you have any questions regarding the curriculum please contact Mrs Johnstone, Acting Headteacher directly via telephone no.  01332 673785 or email:- :