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Family and Pastoral Support

Family and Pastoral Support


I’m Miss Whitehead, the Family Resource Worker at Ashbrook School.  I work half the week at Ashbrook Junior School, and half the week at Ashbrook Infant and Nursery School.  My role has many different aspects to it but the underpinning focus is to support the children and their families, who attend Ashbrook Junior School, to ensure that the children can do their best when they are in school. 


I am not a teacher and have a very different role to teaching staff.  I am here to help you and your family with any issue, whether school related, something at home, or anything in your own or your child’s personal life.  It could be that you’re struggling with parenting (which is ok to admit!) and need some support with your own health and well-being, or it could be something such as managing your child’s behaviour or understanding why they don’t sleep well.  I am a trained sleep practitioner and have many years’ experience of running courses around children’s sleep and other parenting challenges as well as working in homes with parents and children on a wide range of issues from domestic abuse, family separation, trauma and loss as well as every day parenting things like routines, boundaries and fussy eating.    


It is often necessary for me to spend some time with your child as part of the support you ask for but this isn’t always the case and this is something we can talk about together as part of a plan.  I am also the worker in school who may support you if you have support from other agencies such as the School Nursing Team, Social Care or a Paediatrician.  I will also be that contact if there are concerns around your child’s attendance and/or safeguarding and you need help to improve this. 


I don’t have all the answers but I am able to work through things with you to help find a solution whether on my own with you or I need other professionals to help me as part of a package of support for your family.  Other professionals may include a Family Worker from Early Help Services who will help me to provide the right support for your family at an early stage before the need increases for longer term support because sometimes accessing help for a small issue can often make a big difference. 


The links below provide you with information about what this could look like if we work with other agencies to help make things better for your child:


Sometimes we all need a little bit of help with family life and there are many difficulties that are common across all types of families.  Accessing support when you need it will benefit you and your family in the long term to ensure your children thrive when they are learning at Ashbrook Junior School and you can then feel much better about yourself and family life when things improve.    


I am usually at Ashbrook Junior School on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings.  You can call the school to arrange an appointment with me or pop in to reception.  I am also available on Class Dojo so you can message me privately if you need to.


There are many support services in Derbyshire so please see the links below as well as some resources you may find helpful:


Issues with your child’s sleep?


Want to improve your well-being?


Feeling low and don’t know where to start?


Are you needing support to feed your family through a hard time such as health reasons or losing your job suddenly?  Please contact school for us to make a request to the food bank before you attend:


Are you suffering harm from your partner or someone you know?  This harm doesn’t have to leave bruises or marks.  You can quickly exit from this site if someone is near you when you are browsing:


Does your child have a health issue that you need to discuss?


If you need any advice or assistance in accessing these services, please get in touch.  Equally if there is another service that you feel you need but isn’t listed, I’m happy to help find one for you.  “Together Everyone Achieves More” and this is definitely appropriate when supporting families as it’s ok to not be able to do it on your own, so if you need help, please ask.