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How will the school staff support my child? How will the curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

How will the school staff support my child?

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?


At Ashbrook Junior School, we adapt the teaching methods we use according to the needs of each pupil.  If your child has Special Educational Needs, discussions will take place at the Inclusion Passport meetings about the approaches school staff could use in school.  As always, we value your input and insight into approaches to best suit your child.  We will also discuss these approaches with your child.  


Alongside talking with yourself and your child, teachers, Teaching Assistants and the SENCO meet regularly to discuss any concerns.  Observation records or samples of work may be discussed along with a discussion about suitable strategies to use.  We make use of Derbyshire’s Descriptors of Special Educational Needs provision, alongside many other forms of guidance and support available in school, to structure our plans. 


Some children may have professionals from external agencies working with them.  At these times, multi-agency meetings may be carried out (parents will be invited).  A Multi-Element Plan (MEP) may be drawn up to structure the advice and support being offered for your child. 


Your child will access the curriculum alongside his/ her peer group.  However, the way in which they access the curriculum may be differentiated.  This could involve (amongst many other approaches): support prompts and materials; alternative methods for recording their learning or differentiated levels of work on this topic.  Some children may require support from a Teaching Assistant in order to access the work.  This may involve support within particular lessons or as an additional activity designed to support your child’s particular needs.  Often, this support can be delivered as part of a small group, alongside your child’s peer group.  At times, your child may need to take time away from the classroom in order to carry out activities designed to meet the targets on their Inclusion Passport.    Reasonable adjustments to the learning environment may also need to be made, according to your child’s needs. 


When teachers plan their lessons, they consider the needs of every pupil in their class.  They consider activities which will support your child in meeting the targets on their Inclusion Passport and therefore to make progress in their skills.