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At Ashbrook, we understand that technological advances have an enormous impact on the world. We aim to give our children as many opportunities to familiarise themselves and become competent in using computer software and hardware in order to prepare them for their future.

Our computing curriculum aims to bring children up to speed with basic computing software handling such as word processing, presenting information and using the internet safely to compliment their learning whilst giving them opportunities to practice vital skills for their future job prospects such as learning how to code.

As technology advances, as does our curriculum. We aim to keep up with changes and embed these into our computing curriculum whilst interleaving opportunities to use technology throughout other areas of the curriculum. For instance, using camera and filming software to support oracy, using internet search engines to support History, Geography and Science research and we encourage these opportunities to be taken regularly.

An important part of the computing curriculum is learning how to use the internet safety. Lessons on internet safety will take place regularly throughout the curriculum as well as utilising days such as Safer Internet Day and supported by lessons in PSHE as well. An important approach to this is to teach the children what to do rather what not to do. This is supported by modelling good behaviours and also by encouraging all adults, parents and careers to also have an understanding of how to use the internet and applications safely and correctly.

In turn, we hope this gives our children a full and enriched education that will support them to go onto succeed in the future. Technology will undoubtedly be and enormous part of this and we hope to ensure a firm grounding in the subject, an understanding of how to be safe and to have the best opportunities moving forward to the next stage of their education.