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Our curriculum at Ashbrook is ambitious beyond the expectations of the National Curriculum to develop and meet the needs of all of our children socially, emotionally and academically regardless of background. Our knowledge rich curriculum ensures that our children develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life.

Our progressive curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced, building on prior knowledge, for subsequent learning and ambitions for their future. Our staff are experts in supporting children to build schema to ensure that they to know more and remember more.

We have chosen 6 concepts: Identity & Diversity, Community, Sustainable Development, Perseverance, Equality & Fairness, Creativity, that arch over each year groups’ half-term enquiries. These have been chosen carefully as they will offer our children the opportunity to think deeply about their place and role both in their local community and the wider world.

Through our curriculum we want to empower all learners to prepare them for their future and build knowledge and skills on how to stay safe. We aspire for the children of our school to leave us as independent, knowledgeable and responsible global citizens. 

Our curriculum is built upon our school’s core values, with reading at the heart, that feed into every aspect of our school and our community. It was designed, and is evolving, to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills that they need to facilitate their own learning; enabling them to unlock their full potential. We offer a wide range of experiences to all children to empower them, raise their self-esteem, and develop their wellbeing and cultural capital.

We develop our children’s love of learning through the use of innovative resources, such as digital technologies, to build and develop skills for the future: creativity; initiative; analytical thinking; problem solving; leadership and social influence; and critical thinking.


Our curriculum is a cross-curricular concept and enquiry, text-led approach. We ensure that our children have relevant, broad, balanced and rich experiences to gain knowledge and skills to make them lifelong learners (concepts and enquiries for each Year group are mapped out to ensure that National Curriculum objectives are being covered for core and foundation subjects). Each enquiry has a WOW visit or visitor to bring the enquiry to life and to help build cultural capital for ALL of our children. Children will explore their enquiry through a high-quality text that weaves throughout core and foundation subjects.  


To measure the impact of our curriculum we will use the following strategies:

  • Use of termly NTS papers Yr3-5
  • Yr6 will use SATs papers
  • Pupil Book Study (PBS)
  • Subject Leaders monitoring

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, please contact Ms Smith, Headteacher, telephone: 01332 673785 or email: