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At Ashbrook Junior School, we teach French, to provide students with the understanding of a language other than English, as part of the school’s wider vision for developing our children into citizens of the world.  We believe that, through learning French, our children will develop: an understanding of a different culture; knowledge of France as a nearby European country; along with an empathy for others who are new to learning English.

Our French curriculum is supported by online video resources which enable children to practise speaking, and listening to, French as spoken by a fluent speaker.  Reading and writing of French is developed over the course of the key stage alongside the oral and aural aspects of the language.

The curriculum is progressive and develops across the whole of key stage 2.  The progression builds in retrieval of prior learning before building new knowledge thus developing vocabulary schemas across the key stage.  Where French is taught to mixed-year classes, teachers will draw from the two year groups’ knowledge to ensure that all children are meeting new learning alongside retrieval of prior learning.

We ensure all students are able to access the curriculum through the use of a range of resources.  Where further support is required, adaptations are made to ensure students are able to access the key areas of learning.