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The aims of the geography curriculum at Ashbrook Junior School are to provide students with a knowledge rich curriculum that helps develop their understanding of the physical world around them as well as the human element of geography. We are ambitious in what students can achieve, providing a wide range of units that challenge students' understanding, as well as getting them to consider how humans can impact on the physical environment.

Our geography curriculum is planned in a way that ensures students are able to build on prior learning and ensure that they are ready for the next stage of their education, whether this be the start of Year 3, the start of upper Key Stage Two or being ready for the transition to secondary school. Students are given the opportunity to engage with data in different ways, including maps, statistics and other representations to support their understanding of the world. The curriculum provides students with the chance to explore scale, place and space, considering local elements of geography and the impact this has on people through to international elements such as trade and globalisation. 

We ensure all students are able to access the curriculum through the use of enquiry books,  meaning that information can be referred back to through text and images. Where further support is required, adaptations are made to ensure students are able to access the key areas of learning.