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Physical Education (PE)

Ashbrook Junior Schools Vision for PE

At Ashbrook Junior School we aim to provide a PE curriculum and sporting opportunities that provides every child with the physical literacy, emotional and cognitive skills, to achieve in PE, sport and life.

Being physically educated allows children to keep fit and healthy and allows them to have an understanding of their own physical capabilities. It has been heavily publicised that as a nation we are less heathy and doing less activity. We hope to inspire this next generation by providing a range of opportunities and range of sports and in turn we hope that the children can learn to have a love for being physical that they can take into their adult lives.

Key fundamentals such as balance, agility, co-ordination, throwing and catching are key areas that we want to focus on so that children have the basics in order to then try any sport and then they can decide whether it is for them or not. Without these, children will struggle to find a love for a sport as they may feel they are not capable when actually they just haven’t got the basics in order to access the sport.

Our curriculum aims not to just not only focus on the physical but to also develop their social development. For example, supporting their resilience in learning how to both win and lose which is a crucial skill as to learn what to do if you have failed. Rather to try again, than to give up. As well as communication, leadership, respect and being part of team.

Another aspect of physical education is the cognitive aspect- creating thinking children. Children that understand game play, tactics, fair play, rules, playing to strengths and weaknesses and thinking outside the box. These are the sportsmen and women of the next generation and this is a vital aspect of any game or sport.

Finally, we at Ashbrook Juniors aim for all children to have the opportunity to learn how to swim. And so, in years 5 and 6, all children attend swimming lessons including a water safety award which is another vital part of their education.

Our Ambassadors

As part of our aim to inspire and motivate our pupils, we have elected four School Sports Ambassadors who are able to have a say in what and how PE is performed in school. Their roles are in addition to the national curriculum and help the teachers of Ashbrook Junior School ensure the activities that we take part in are what the children want to see within their own PE education. In addition to this, the ambassadors will take part in regular meetings with the School Sports Partnership and will be able to discuss their ideas with children from other schools. This is a great opportunity for the children to have a voice within their own PE education.

Visit our notice board in school to find out how you can get involved.

PE Curriculum Maps