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School Meals

Our school meals are provided by Aspens Catering.  You will see below a link to the current menu which will be running until Friday 4 October 2019.  From Monday 7 October 2019 we will be serving a new menu which will be published from that date

School meals cost £2.10 and payment should be made via ParentPay.  There is a link to ParentPay from this website.  If you do not have your unique login details, please contact the school office.


In order to improve efficiency and ensure that the children get exactly what they would like for their lunch we are using a system of pre ordering. Previously parents and carers have rung in or written in to state if their child wants a sandwich or a jacket potato. Now the children can order either the main meal of the day, the vegetarian meal of the day, a jacket potato, a sandwich or a wrap with a filling of their choice. This way no one will be disappointed and food will not be wasted.