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Enterprise Skills at Ashbrook


Our overriding aim is to educate your child in a calm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere that encourages participation, creativity and hard work in learning. We will strive to support your child in all aspects of their development, offering exciting opportunities and experiences that will enable them to flourish as successful, sensitive people. We will celebrate their successes and help them to play a part in making Ashbrook Junior School a place that is both supportive and caring, yet strives for excellence and high standards. We believe that the successful education of your child depends upon an effective partnership between home and school.


When the time comes for your child to leave, our aim is that you will be surprised by what they have achieved and take with you both the memory of a remarkable journey. This will give your child the confidence to be positive, to think creatively and to go on to be the best that they can be.


These are the key 'Enterprise Skills' we teach all our pupils and are the foundations of all we do in school. By developing these attitudes and dispositions in school, and through you consolidating them in your child out of school, together we will build your child’s ‘Enterprise Skills:


Aim high – develop creativity, develop independence, having a can-do attitude, be a TEAM player, develop evaluative skills


We take a skill every week and focus on building that skill - then a class or a group of pupils win the 'Enterprise' Cup.

We also hold Enterprise sessions for Parents and Carers to come in and see what we have been learning about and share our work.