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At Ashbrook Junior School we are concerned with meeting the needs of all children. We aim to provide effective support for children with special educational needs and children with disabilities, ensuring that all pupils have access to the full curriculum provided by the school and are fully included in the school community. We believe that Every Teacher is a Teacher of Every Child and we work hard to meet their needs.


The member of staff responsible for overall co-ordination of Special Educational Needs in the school is known as the SENDCO.


How is the school going to communicate with me during school closures?

The SENDCO (Mrs Johnstone) will send regular messages via Class Dojo and parents are welcome to communicate both with the SENDCO and their child’s class teacher if they require further support.  Phone conversations will be also be available for parents.


My child has an EHCP but needs to stay home for medical reasons.  What support will I receive?

The school will keep in regular contact with parents of children with an EHCP via Class Dojo and on the telephone. We will be able to offer support (where possible) with resources in line with the outcomes on the child’s EHCP and according to any other needs that parents request support with.


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Here is a summary of how we support children with SEND at Ashbrook Junior School.