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Supporting Home Learning

Home learning and the expectations of it


There is a national expectation that children should have a minimum of four hours of learning per day during this lockdown period.   We acknowledge and understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. Therefore, we are going to try our best to meet as many different people’s needs as we possibly can! We are able to offer the following three forms of blended home learning:

1) Online learning – using a range of pre-recorded teacher-led videos, Google classroom, some face-to-face teaching via Zoom/ Microsoft Teams, some interactive teaching materials. For this, your child will need access to the internet and a device to access the internet.

2) Purely paper-based learning – for this, your child will not need any access to the internet. If necessary, school can provide a fortnightly pack of work that will need to be collected. Some delivery may be available (The Pickle Post 😀) .

3) A mixture of paper-based and online learning – see definitions above.


We are going to produce a suggested weekly timetable of activities. As a minimum, we would like all children to complete daily activities on the following: English – reading & writing, Maths and work from one other curriculum area.  We appreciate that many of you may be working from home and therefore understand if you are unable to follow our suggested timetable. We suggest that you are flexible in your approach to home learning in order to meet your family’s needs. We wish to minimise disruption to your child’s learning and therefore we will be following the planned learning for this term. If your child is in school, they will also be following this timetable and learning.

We do not want anyone to feel under pressure with regards to home learning and we hope you will continue to support us in trying to educate your child as best we can during these unprecedented times.  If you need help, then please ask.


There is a dedicated team of teachers who are supporting the home learning.

Year 3 - Mrs Trueman

Year 4 - Miss Carr

Year 5 - Mr Huntingdon

Year 6 - Mrs Johnstone.


For any safeguarding concerns - please contact either Miss Julian or Miss Whitehead.  

You can email any safeguarding concerns to


Please feel free to contact any of them with regard to any questions you have regarding home learning