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Catch up funding

Recovery Premium and School-led Tutoring 2021-22

This year, we used the recovery premium funding to implement school-led tutoring in school.  We identified children who had gaps in their knowledge in Maths and reading.  To support the children with Maths, we used the Third-Space Learning online intervention programme.  To support with reading, we matched school staff with small groups of children and ran bespoke interventions for these groups.

The impact of this can be seen below:

Impact of Tuition 2021-22

Catch Up Funding 2020-21

Catch-up funding for 2020-21 was received by schools to support children who have been affected in their education by Covid 19 and the disruption caused.  We identified children, from our data analysis, who would benefit from this support.

The impact of this funding can be seen below: